Monday, January 18, 2010

This is why my friends are awesome...

I am posting here for your perusal a conversation that took place between me, my old friend M, and a co-worker/friend named G. It began with my claim to G that I had once pulled a knife on a guy and her disbelief at the awesomeness of this fact. To back up my claim, I sent the following note to M, who'd witnessed said knife-pulling:

M, I have a story that needs vouching. G (also on this e-mail) does not believe that I once pulled a knife on a dude in Buenos Aires. Do you remember, we’d gone to see a movie, and you had your camera and a bunch of CDs in your bag, and those two guys split us up and I pulled a box cutter on him? PLEASE tell me you remember so you can back me up here!

M, being the manly friend that he is, responded:

Dear G,

The tale C has spun is actually true. However I remember things a little differently. I was 17 so C was probably 18 and the night before this event I had spent the night at C's house. I'd brought a ton of CD's over because we were gonna make mixtapes (what kind of 12 year old girl sleep over party was this?). Anyway, the next day we decided to go see Schindler's List in Belgrano, a district in Buenos Aires that's kinda like Times Square. After this 4 hour behemoth of pure cinematic feel good sunshine, we walk into the heart of Belgrano a bit dazed. Remember I still have my bag filled with CD's with me at this time as I haven't gone home yet. This is where my memory differs somewhat from C's. C says he remembers two "dudes" trying to mug us. I remember two 13-14 year old boys trying to mug us. Since the street is crowded with people these two dudes split us up pretty easily, trying to engage us in a conversation. The one dude gets me behind a bus stop poster and tells me to give him my bag. I laughed and said no because I swear he had to have been 13 years old and I knew I could take him no problem. I walk from behind the bus stop poster AND I SEE C WHIP OUT A BOX CUTTER AND STICK IT RIGHT IN THIS DUDE'S FACE!!!!. Shock and awe Ginny. Shock and awe (this should be C's gmail handle). The dudes run off. I am standing there totally dumbstruck. As I recall I said, "That's the manliest thing I've ever seen..."

The End.

To this day I cannot watch or think of the movie Schindler's List without thinking of this event.

Shock and Awe,


At this point I feel the need to respond one last time:

I would like to point out this one awesome fact: When M thinks of Schindler’s List, he does not think of Liam Neeson saving children, or of the atrocities of war and holocaust. No, these are not the images that come to his mind. By his own admission, he thinks of me, standing proudly, waving my knife in a wanna-be mugger’s ugly face.


Gin said...

Your head has swollen to epic proportions...beware: your comeuppance is nigh!!! :)

El Viejo said...

The thing that scares me more than the idea of a confrontation between two yankees and two young local teens on the wild streets of Belgrano is that you used the word "awesome" three times during a couple of short paragraphs. And........I remember it being an exacto knife with a plastic handle rather than a box cutter.

laura said...

And just when I think YOU can't be any more "awesome", you post a story like this. A manly story it is, but I can only giggle at the picture in my mind's eye of you looking something like your profile pic on Facebook and wielding a weapon.

Revfatman said...

I have always thought that you were a manly man (visions of "my little buttercup" flash through my mind, but I a truly in awe of this tale of testosterone filled bliss.

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